For-profit or not-for-profit?

We believe in role-modelling.  How could we expect our ladies to be profitable in their work if we cannot be profitable in ours?  Part of our mission is to grow the financial literacy for The Artisan Nation members.

Businesses that do good things are the way of the future, yet some companies only get involved because there’s a tax benefit. We believe that companies that support The Artisan Nation will be sending a clear message that they support women to have an identity and have their voices heard.

Administration fees

Many businesses that are changing the world have up to 65% of the incoming money used in administration costs. Because we are a for-profit business our administration costs have a strict budget and rest around 20%.

Cost of raising funds

We raise awareness by paid speaking and social media advertising.  These off-set each other so we can be cost-neutral.


5% of the money goes into videos that show the life journies of the members of The Artisan Nation.  You will see hands-on proof of the impact of your involvement.

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