Imagine your own custom made documentary. Imagine Netflix, but instead of paying a viewing subscription, you are paying to keep women alive. You will watch the results unfold, month by month as you enable them to have an identity and have their voices heard. Here is the outline for your own customised journey, sharing in-depth feelings and experiences that you, personally, will be responsible for.

Episodes Themes
An introductory tour. We will take you on a tour from entering the village, and around the streets. You will meet some of the residents of the village including those that will become involved (as a result of your engagement) with The Artisan Nation. You will also meet their family and see where and how they live. They will share their struggles, their dreams and what works for them.
A home visit. We will go inside the home of an artisan, meet her family and understand what daily home life is like. This includes morning routine from 4 or 5 am to 9am when they start their paid (outside of home) work.
A tour of the workplace that The Artisan Nation supports in that particular village. You will meet 4 of the artisans and follow their personal journey. Here you will meet the women and see them at work. This will show the skills they have developed and share their joys and frustrations. Recipes and lunches will be shared.
Join the children on their journey to school plus sharing their day. We will see how the children get to school in the morning by walk en route with them and experiencing their natural environment. In addition, we will see how The Artisan Nation is supporting education in the villages.
Keeping the village healthy. You will see how your involvement with The Artisan Nation contributes to making face masks from biodegradable materials (we do not contribute to the pollution of the planet by using disposable face masks), as well as all the ways we contribute to our first mission of ‘Growing Stronger‘.
Sharing financial literacy. This month, deep insight will be given into the financial lives of the families. Please note that for this month the faces will be blurred to keep our villages safe and to protect the ladies.
Going deeper into our second mission of ‘Growing Stronger‘. Dinner time will be shared as well as an insight into vitamin knowledge and family dynamics.
The water story (bundled with the electricity story). This is how we get our daily water.
Our weekend life: washing and cooking. We invite you into our homes for the weekend.
Medicine matters: health & wellbeing priorities for the members of The Artisan Nation. This video will show the services The Artisan Nation provides (that is dietitian, psychologist, physical movement, annual health/blood checks).
The benefits of work: Our special peer support networks. Focus on how the workplace offers so much more than a job for the artisan women; it fosters conversations, shared stories, giving women a voice outside their homes.
Our festivals: combining work and family life. Share how the artisans have grown and changed during the course of the year.

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